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La collection de coques Thinborne MagSafe propose une coque en fibre d'aramide ultra fine pour votre appareil. Nous avons réduit la taille pour que votre téléphone soit comme nu.

Discover Your Perfect MagSafe Case: Thin, Slim, and Aramid Fiber!

Explore our best MagSafe cases, including thin MagSafe cases, MagSafe phone cases, MagSafe iPhone cases, and MagSafe charging case for iPhone, samsung, pixel and more!

Whether you're looking for an Apple MagSafe case, or the best MagSafe case for your iPhone or AirPods Pro, we have you covered.

Our selection includes slim MagSafe cases, MagSafe covers, and MagSafe-compatible cases for both iPhones and Samsung devices.

Discover the strongest MagSafe cases with built-in magnets for secure attachment and optimized compatibility with MagSafe accessories. 

a picture shows thin magsafe  iphone case with magsafe charger

Thin MagSafe phone case

We believe in less is more. 
Our minimalist slim magnetic case is only 0.04 inch thin, round 0.7 oz weigh.

Showing super thin samsung magsafe case with built-in magnet

Best aramid fiber Mag Safe phone case for Samsung

Made of 600D aramid fiber, built-in magsafe magnet, compatible with MagSafe accessories.

handing the super thin iphone case with great grips

MagSafe charging case for wireless charging

Our magsafe iPhone case, Samsung Mag cases  are optimized for wireless charging, ensuring seamless integration with your wireless charging pad. Simply place your phone down and experience hassle-free power delivery.

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