Top 10 Galaxy AI Features For Galaxy S24

Top 10 Galaxy AI Features For Galaxy S24

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Your Complete Guide To S24 Galaxy AI Features

If you're as thrilled about the Samsung Galaxy S24 series as we are, you're in for a real treat. We're about to talk about the top ten AI features that are set to enhance your productivity. Think quick-as-a-flash language translation and slow-motion video creation at the drop of a hat. Ready to take a peek into the future? Let's get started.

1. AI-Powered Keyboard: A Writer's Dream

Imagine a powerful feature integrated right into the keyboard, offering three unique functionalities. Picture this - you're in your messaging app, typing a message everywhere. That's when the magic happens.

There's an icon on the keyboard that symbolizes AI's intelligence. Tap on it, and it unveils three different options. The 'Writing Style' option provides varied ways to deliver your message. Say you've typed something informal like "Hey, what's up? How are you doing? Want to hang out?" Now watch as the AI morphs it into several versions.

The professional version rephrases the message into a more formal tone: "Hello, how are you doing? Would you like to meet up and discuss some business opportunities?" If you prefer a laid-back style, the casual version tidies up the text but maintains its chilled vibe: "Yo, what's up? How are you doing? Want to hang out?"

The AI also provides:

  • A social version that incorporates hashtags for those social media savvy users.
  • A polite version for a more courteous approach.
  • Even an emoji version that creatively uses emojis to convey the message.
  • If you fancy any of these suggestions, simply tap 'Insert, ' it will replace your original text with the preferred AI-generated version.

2. Chat Assist: Translating Text Effortlessly

The next S24 Galaxy AI feature is the 'Chat Translation' option. This tool automatically translates text messages once activated. You do have to select the language pair, say English to French. Now, the translation appears below the original text whenever you send or receive a message. This can be particularly useful when communicating with someone who speaks a different language. Remember, you don't need to keep this feature on constantly. If you're not using it, return to the AI settings and turn it off. It's there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

If you want to tweak your S24 Galaxy AI feature, head to 'Advanced Settings' and 'Advanced Intelligence.' Here, you'll find all the AI features bundled together. You can turn each part on or off individually and customize certain elements. For instance, you can install new language packs as they become available.

Samsung Note AI Feature

3. Note Assist: Smart Note Taking

Let's say you've jotted down some thoughts on safe driving. It's a rough draft, and you need to tidy it up for a meeting or presentation. That's where the AI Note Assists comes in.

Look for the intelligence symbol in your note and tap on it. You'll see four formatting options. You can try 'Meeting Notes'. Watch as the S24 Galaxy AI feature works magic, transforming your ramblings into a clear, organized format with headlines, subheadlines, and bullet points.

But that's not all. You can change the visual style of your notes by simply swiping them over. Choose from various looks to find one that suits your taste.

Let's say you want to reformat your notes further. Tap the intelligence symbol again and select 'Headers and Bullets.' The AI will rearrange your notes into a new layout. If you like what you see, tap 'Replace' to update your note with the new format.

The AI can also correct spelling errors and translate your notes. You can translate your English notes into Spanish. Just tap the intelligence symbol, select 'Translate,' choose your language pair, and voila! You have your translation. You can replace your original text with the translated version if you wish.And don't worry about language availability. You can add languages as they become available.

4. Live Translate: Seamless Foreign Language Conversations

The live translate S24 Galaxy AI feature is handy for those who frequently travel or live in a multilingual environment. This feature, aptly named 'The Interpreter,' harnesses AI to translate spoken conversations, making them sound natural to both parties involved.

You must first access The Interpreter from the quick toggle area in your drop-down menu to access it. If it's not immediately visible, don't worry. Just tap 'edit' and look for The Interpreter at the bottom. Once you find it, drag and drop it to your preferred location in the quick toggle area.

Once you've got The Interpreter set up in your quick toggle area, accessing it is a breeze. Just tap on it, and you're ready to go.
Now, here's where things get exciting. Let's imagine you're conversing with someone who speaks German while you're an English speaker. You'll see two halves on your screen — one for German and the other for English. You have the flexibility to adjust the screen orientation. If you want a side-by-side view, perhaps because the person is sitting next to you, tap the button to switch the layout.

Just tap on your side of the screen and start speaking. Say something like, "Hey, how are you doing? How's your day today?" Once you're done, tap again, and the magic happens. Not only does The Interpreter translate your English into German, but it also vocalizes the translated text.

The beauty of The Interpreter lies in its AI-assisted capabilities. It's not just a raw translation tool; it's a conversation facilitator that makes interactions more natural and seamless. This is another fantastic AI capability in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series that aims to make your life easier.

Live Translate Feature

5. Instant Slow-Mo: Capturing Moments in Detail

The next feature we'll explore is the Instant Slow-Mo option, built right into the gallery application. This feature lets you slow down moments in your videos to add a dramatic effect or just to capture details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Let's take an example. Say you have a video of a car being panned across. As you play this video, at any moment, you can press and hold on the screen to create a slow-motion shot. Just press, hold, and voila! You've got yourself a slow-motion clip within your video.

But you may want to keep that slow-motion effect permanently. No problem. Tap the 'Adjust Speed' button, and you're in control. Decide how slow you want the video and where the slow-motion effect should kick in. You can adjust the speed to half the original speed if you like. Slide the markers around to pinpoint the area you want to slow down. Once you're happy with the result, tap 'Save', and it'll be saved as a brand new file.

With the Instant Slow-Mo feature, you can transform any video into a slow-motion masterpiece. Even better, you can extract any portion of that slow-mo clip and save it as a separate file. It's a fun, creative way to enhance your videos and capture moments in a new light.

6. AI Voice Recorder: Recording and Transcribing on the Go

To start, open the Voice Recorder and create a new file. Say you're talking about the features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Once you're done, save the file. When you open the file, you'll see an option to transcribe your recording. You can choose the language; if it's a different language, the app will translate and transcribe simultaneously.

The transcription identifies different speakers, making it an excellent tool for classroom settings where teachers and students interact. It can analyze the speech patterns and differentiate between Speaker One and Speaker Two.

But that's not all. The Voice Recorder app also has a 'Summary' feature that automatically creates a summary of your ramblings. It neatly presents keywords and summaries, perfect for revisiting lecture notes or meeting minutes.

And yes, you can translate these summaries, too. Tap the translation button, choose your language, and you're set. This feature is handy, especially in educational settings.

Circle To Search Feature

7. Circle to Search: Making Research Easier

Another handy feature is the 'Circle to Search' option. With this, you can circle anything, anywhere, anytime, and get Google results based on that. You can pull up the results to keep browsing or pull them down if you don't want to see them. As you move the circle around, it adjusts the results based on what comes into focus.

To access this feature, go to 'Settings,' scroll down to 'Display,' then 'Navigation bar.' Here, you'll see the Circle to Search option, which you can turn on or off as you prefer. Whether you prefer swipe gestures or buttons, 'Circle to Search' is available. For button lovers, you have to press and hold on the home screen to activate the feature.

8. Generative Edit: Enhancing Your Photos

This advanced AI feature allows you to manipulate images effortlessly, turning them into stunning works of art. Remember, you must be signed into your Samsung and Google accounts to utilize this exciting feature fully.

To start, navigate to 'Advanced Features' on your Galaxy S24. Tap on 'Advanced Intelligence Photo Editor' and switch on 'Generative Edit.' This is the first step towards turning your images into extraordinary masterpieces.

Next, open your gallery and choose a photo you wish to edit. Tap on 'Edit' and then select 'Generative Edit'. Now, the real magic begins. Long press on any element in your photo, and then tap to resize, move, or delete the object. This feature provides you with the flexibility to alter your images as per your liking.

Once you're done making changes, tap on 'Generate', and watch your image instantly transform. It's like having a professional photo editor at your fingertips, ready to turn your visions into reality.

Is the background of your image posing as an eyesore? No worries! You can easily select and delete the distracting elements with the generative edit. Tap 'Generative Edit,' then tap or draw around the object you want to remove. Tilt, turn, straighten the image, and let AI fill the background.

Tap 'Generate,' and AI replaces your selection with a different image that's new and fresh. It's like having a paintbrush that paints with AI, creating unique and captivating visuals.
Once satisfied with your masterpiece, tap 'Done' and 'Save as Copy'. Your new image is now stored in your gallery, ready to be shared or admired.

Zoom Nightography on S24

9. Zoom Nightography: Capturing Clear Content

Don't let the dark stop you from capturing life's most important moments. With the Galaxy S24's advanced Night mode, low lighting is no longer a hindrance. You can snap photos in the dark and achieve vivid, clear images without using the camera's flash.

The Galaxy S24 series introduces Galaxy AI Nightography, allowing you to capture sharper, smoother, and brighter zoom quality images even in the darkness. This feature takes night photography to a new level, ensuring every detail is captured, no matter how low the light.

To start illuminating your photos and videos with Night mode:

  • Open the Camera app on your Galaxy phone.
  • Swipe to tap 'MORE,' then select 'NIGHT.'
  • If you want a closer shot, tap the zoom icons.
  • When you're ready to take your photo, tap 'Capture'.

Night mode uses multi-frame processing to combine 30 images into one crystal-clear photo. This process and the extra light captured by the phone's camera sensors ensure your photos appear bright and enhanced, even in minimal light.

10. AI Photo Editing Suggestions: Mastering Photo Editing

The Galaxy S24 series introduces editing features that can turn your favorite photos into masterpieces. With the help of Galaxy AI, you can use innovative features like Generative edit and Edit suggestions to manipulate objects within your images and receive automatic enhancement recommendations.

Generative edit is an exciting feature that allows you to move or delete objects from your pictures, creating an entirely new image. Galaxy AI then fills in the background and any missing portions, maintaining the harmony of the picture.

To use this feature:

  • Open the Gallery app and select a picture you'd like to edit.
  • Tap the Edit icon (the pencil) and the Generative edit icon (the blue circle with three stars).
  • Outline your desired object using your finger. If you make a mistake, tap 'Deselect' to start over.
  • Touch and hold the outlined thing, then drag it to a different part of the image. You can move the object back to its original position or erase it.
  • Adjust the slider at the bottom of the screen to straighten the picture if needed.
  • When you're finished, tap 'Generate.' Galaxy AI will fill in the image's background and adjust the moved objects.
  • Compare the original image with the newly generated image by touching and holding 'View original.'
  • Once satisfied, tap 'Done' and 'Save as copy' to save the image.

Leveraging Edit Suggestions for Enhanced Photos

Galaxy AI analyzes your pictures and provides editing suggestions to enhance them. The suggestions will vary depending on the image.

To use Edit Suggestions:

  • Open the Gallery app and select a picture you'd like to edit.
  • Tap the Details icon (the 'i'), then tap the available edit suggestions. You might see options like 'Remaster,' 'Erase shadows,' or 'Erase reflections.'
  • Select your desired suggestion, then follow the instructions to apply the changes. 
  • You may need to tap or draw around objects or adjust a slider bar.

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy S24 is more than just a phone - it's your personal assistant, translator, photographer, and artist all rolled into one. These top 10 Galaxy AI features are truly transformative, making our lives easier, smarter, and more connected.

And the best part? It's all wrapped up in a sleek, user-friendly package that's as fun to use as it is functional. Whether you're a tech aficionado or someone who loves a good photo, the Galaxy S24 has something for everyone. 

So go on, give it a whirl, and let's step into the future of mobile technology together

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