showing how to make samsung galaxy s24 ultra magsafe compatible

How to make your Galaxy S24 Ultra MagSafe Compatible | The easy and safe way

I am Karl, a tech lover and business owner of Thinborne -the aramid fiber phone cases brand.
I'm here to share insights on one of the burning questions that have surfaced with the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: How to make Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra compatible with MagSafe.

In this post, I'm providing a comprehensive look into alternative solutions that mirror MagSafe's convenience for your S24 Ultra.

What is MagSafe - A Closer Look

First, let's unpack MagSafe and why it has become such a coveted feature among iPhone users.
Initially introduced with the iPhone 12 series, MagSafe harnesses the power of magnets to securely snap accessories onto the back of the phone.It's not just about attaching a charger effortlessly; it extends to wallets, mounts, and cases, all sticking with satisfying precision.

Its allure lies in the simplicity and the innovation it enables, serving as both a utilitarian and an aesthetic triumph.

Why People Like MagSafe


  • Effortless Charging: MagSafe's precise alignment eliminates frustration.
  • One-Handed Convenience: Easily attach and detach with one hand for seamless transitions at home or on the-go
  • Enhanced Safety: Prevents accidental cable pulls and potential damage from impacts.
  • Versatile Accessories: Opens doors to innovative add-ons, enhancing device functionality.

Is the Galaxy S24 Ultra MagSafe-Compatible?

Straight to the heart: Can the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tap into this magnetic marvel?
Nope! The Galaxy S24 Ultra isn't inherently compatible with MagSafe as it stands.
Nonetheless, the evolving marketplace of tech accessories offers a beacon of hope. Let's pivot to solutions that steer easy and clear of any risky internal alterations.

Safe and Accessible Alternatives:

MagSafe's appeal is undeniable, and Galaxy S24 Ultra users can still enjoy a slice of this magnetic functionality.
Market innovators have developed MagSafe-compatible cases poised to bridge the gap.

Here's a glance at what we've explored:

Galaxy s24 ultra case with magsafe from thinrbone

Made of premium 600d aramid fiber, it is super thin and lightweight with a high-end feel. Designed for MagSafe, it ensures your S24 Ultra can connect to the array of MagSafe accessories without a hitch.

magsafe clear case for galaxy s24 ultra from caseborne

For those who prefer to showcase their device's design, this clear case doesn't obscure the Ultra's beauty while offering MagSafe functionality.


magsafe clear case for galaxy s24 ultra from caseborne

This dual-purpose case offers MagSafe compatibility and a built-in ring stand for extra grip and convenience for those who always want to enjoy a hand-free while consuming content.

Will S-pen affected?

Concerns surrounding S Pen functionality are valid, given the Galaxy's signature feature.

Rest assured, these cases have been meticulously tested and are confirmed not to impede the S Pen's operability.

Wrapping it Up - The Benefits of a MagSafe-Equipped Galaxy S24 Ultra

Pursuing MagSafe compatibility for your GalaxyGalaxy S24 Ultra doesn't necessitate sacrifices. Shunning internal tweaks in favor of tested cases allows you to safely elevate your device's functionality. These solutions afford peace of mind and an invitation to join the magnetic revolution without compromising the integrity of your device.

I encourage all Galaxy S24 Ultra users and enthusiasts to consider these alternatives. Embrace the ingenuity and embrace the convenience akin to MagSafe.

Share Your Thoughts:

How has your experience been merging the S24 Ultra with the MagSafe ecosystem? Do you have other cases or hacks you've tested out? Drop your thoughts, questions, or suggestions in the comments below – let's expand the conversation!
Remember, innovation thrives in sharing, and your insights might be the catalyst for the next big accessory breakthrough!


MagSafe Q&A

Will MagSafe cause malfunction on the S-Pen?

According to our tests, all three cases work perfectly with the S Pen. However, it's worth noting that compatibility may vary with other brands.

Is it safe to use MagSafe?

Yes, MagSafe cases are safe to use. They won't affect your device's battery life and have no direct impact on performance.

Does wireless charging work after adding MagSafe to my Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Yes, wireless charging still works with MagSafe. Just ensure you use a high-quality charger with a large charging pad and high voltage.

Do NFC and Power Sharing work after using MagSafe on our Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Yes, both NFC and Power Sharing continue to function with all three cases we tested.

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