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Best Samsung Galaxy S24 MagSafe Cases in 2024

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What is the Best Galaxy S24 Case in 2024?

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S24 and admire Apple's MagSafe technology? Are you wondering if your Android phone can use it, too? While the S24 isn't designed for MagSafe, there is a simple solution.You can make your Galaxy S24 work with MagSafe charging by using MagSafe accessories. 

The easiest and safest way to make your Galaxy S24 is with a MagSafe-ready case. With so many MagSafe cases available, finding the right one is challenging. Don't worry! We've carefully chosen the best 5 MagSafe cases for your Galaxy S24 in 2024.

Best MagSafe Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

A picture of a Caseborne S24 Clear MagSafe Case

Elevate your phone protection game with the CaseBorne Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S24. This case is inspired by Texa's toughness, delivering unparalleled protection without compromising on style or sustainability. Featuring hybrid technology, it combines a TPU bumper with a durable polycarbonate back to provide a robust defense against everyday wear and tear. The case also includes extra UV layers to resist yellowing and maintain its crystal-clear appearance.

Features and Design:

  • Yellow-resisting Crystal Clear: Maintains clarity with extra UV layers.
  • Compatible with MagSafe: Seamlessly integrates with MagSafe chargers and accessories.
  • Slim Yet Heavy Duty Protection: Provides substantial protection without bulkiness.
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Comes with two tempered glass screen protectors for added security.


  • Hybrid technology with TPU bumper and durable PC back.
  • Long-lasting cleaning and resistance to yellowing.
  • 3-in-1 super value combo with one premium clear case and two tempered glass screen protectors.
  • Exceeds 2X military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6) for up to 10 feet of drop protection.


  • Clear cases tend to show fingerprints and smudges more readily.
  • They can become discolored over time despite yellow-resisting features.
  • May provide less grip than textured or rubberized cases.

Best MagSafe Thin Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

An image of a Thinborne S24 Thin MagSafe Case

The Thinborne Aramid Fiber Case combines style and strength in an exceptionally thin design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and MagSafe compatibility, this magnetic phone case offers a minimalist style that's 5x thinner and stronger than steel.

Features and Designs:

  • Premium 600D Aramid Fiber: Combines style and strength for robust protection.
  • Magnetic Charging Ready: Integrated magnetic ring for effortless Magnetic Safe charging.
  • Sleek & Lightweight Design: Emphasizes minimalism, preserving the slim profile of the Galaxy S24.
  • Matte Carbon Fiber Texture: Enhances grip and provides a luxurious feel.
  • Wireless Charging Compatibility: Supports wireless charging with Mag-Safe stand chargers or flat charging pads.


  • Durable 600D aramid fiber construction.
  • Seamless Magnetic Safe charging integration.
  • Slim and lightweight, preserving the phone's original form factor.
  • A matte carbon fiber texture provides an enhanced grip.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.


  • Thin cases may offer less impact protection compared to rugged options.
  • They can be less effective at protecting the screen and edges during drops.
  • Do not include additional features like kickstands or extra storage.
  • May wear out faster due to their lightweight materials.

Best MagSafe Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

An image of a Rokform S24 Rugged MagSafe Case

The Rokform Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 is engineered for those who demand superior protection without sacrificing functionality. This rugged case features MAGMAX magnets, providing extra holding power and ensuring your phone stays securely in place. The slim yet sturdy design meets daily wear and tear while remaining compatible with wireless charging. Its adjustable stand offers the perfect view of your phone from any angle, making it ideal for video calls and other uses.

Features and Design:

  • MAGMAX Magnets: Enhanced magnetic hold for secure attachment.
  • Wireless Charging Compatible: Effortlessly supports wireless charging.
  • Adjustable Stand: Provides the perfect viewing angle for your phone.
  • Continuity Camera Mount: Easily mount the S24 to your laptop for seamless video calls.
  • Slim & Sturdy Design: Combines sleekness with durability for everyday use.
  • Fast Charging Capability: Supports fast charging up to 7.5 watts.


  • Magnetic features ensure extra holding power.
  • Adjustable stand for optimal phone viewing angles.
  • Slim design that doesn't compromise on durability.
  • Fast wireless charging support.
  • Convenient camera mount for video calls.


  • Rugged cases can be bulkier than regular cases.
  • They may add noticeable weight to the phone.
  • Textured surfaces can occasionally catch on fabric or pockets.
  • More expensive due to added protective features.

Best MagSafe Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

An image of a Havaya for Samsung Galaxy S24 MagSafe Case Wallet

The Havaya MagSafe Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 is designed for those who prioritize convenience and functionality without compromising style. This flip case, made from premium faux leather, combines elegance with practical features like a kickstand and five card slots. 

The detachable wallet magnetically attaches to the phone case, allowing easy removal and reconnection. With built-in magnets, the case supports MagSafe and wireless charging when the wallet is detached. The case's raised edges and extra cushioning also provide comprehensive fall protection.

Features and Design:

  • Compatible Models: Specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S24.
  • MagSafe and Wireless Charging Compatible: Supports MagSafe charging and wireless charging when the wallet is detached.
  • Detachable Wallet: This can hold up to 5 cards and doubles as a phone stand.
  • Premium Faux Leather: Offers a luxurious feel and durability.
  • All-Around Protection: Raised edges and cushioning for shockproof protection.
  • Kickstand Function: Allows for easy horizontal and vertical placement of the phone.


  • Conveniently carries up to 5 cards.
  • Detachable wallet for versatile use.
  • Built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing.
  • Compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging.
  • Durable faux leather construction with enhanced fall protection.


  • Wallet cases can add bulk and weight to the phone.
  • May partially block the camera when the wallet is attached.
  • Magnetic force needs careful management to avoid card demagnetization.
  • The added thickness might make the phone less pocket-friendly.
  • Limited color options compared to other styles.

Best MagSafe Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

An image of a Ringke Samsung Galaxy S24  MagSafe Silicone Case

The Ringke Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 combines style, protection, and MagSafe compatibility. Crafted from high-quality, dust-resistant liquid silicone, this case offers your device an improved grip and comprehensive protection. Its dynamic four-layer design includes:

  • A premium silicone exterior.
  • A durable polycarbonate frame.
  • A hidden neodymium magnet ring.
  • A velvety microfiber lining.

This ensures durability and enhanced connectivity for MagSafe-compatible chargers and accessories. The case supports other Qi-certified wireless chargers and screen protectors, making it a versatile choice for any user.

Features and Design:

  • High-Quality Liquid Silicone: Dust-resistant and provides an improved grip.
  • Built-in Magnetic Ring: Enhances connectivity using MagSafe-compatible chargers and accessories.
  • Dynamic Four-Layer Design: This product combines a premium silicone exterior, durable polycarbonate frame, neodymium magnet ring, and velvety microfiber lining.
  • MagSafe Compatibility: Fully compatible with MagSafe chargers and other Qi-certified wireless chargers.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Ensures the safety of your device with superior material construction.


  • Soft, high-quality liquid silicone provides a comfortable grip.
  • Built-in magnetic ring for seamless MagSafe charging and accessory use.
  • Dynamic four-layer design offers robust protection and durability.
  • Compatible with various wireless chargers and screen protectors.
  • Velvety microfiber lining prevents scratches on the phone's surface.


  • Attracts lint and dust more easily. They may discolor over time, especially lighter colors.
  • Sometimes feel sticky or tacky to the touch.
  • May offer less drop protection than rugged or hybrid cases.
  • Less durable than  hard plastic or metal cases.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right MagSafe case for your Samsung Galaxy S24 means balancing protection, style, and MagSafe compatibility. The cases listed above are the best in the market in 2024, offering options for every need and preference.

Whether you're looking for rugged protection, minimalist design, or luxury style, a MagSafe-compatible case is perfect for your Galaxy S24. Protect your investment and enjoy the convenience of MagSafe with any of these top cases.

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