5 most Important Security Settings Galaxy S24 Ultra User Need to Change

Written by: Karl Leuang



Greetings, tech enthusiasts! I'm Karl, the CEO of Thinborne, a tech ranger, and your guide on this journey through cutting-edge technology. Today, we're turning our attention to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This device boasts a sleek design and some of the most advanced tech features on the market.
However, with such powerful technology comes great responsibility, especially when protecting your data. Rumors of potential security vulnerabilities in the S24 have been making rounds, but there's no need for alarm. This blog will delve into the facts and myths surrounding the S24's security landscape.

Mobile security has never been more critical. Our smartphones are now repositories of our lives - our banking details, personal conversations, health records, and so much more. The security of your S24 is not just about safeguarding your latest high score in Candy Crush; it's about ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.
We'll reveal the ten crucial security settings you must pay attention to, from strengthening your lock screen to mastering privacy permissions. Prepare to turn your S24 from potential prey into an impregnable digital fortress!

ūüí° Did you know

Number of new malware variants detected daily:  According to Statista, over 500,000 new malware variants are detected  daily .
And there are lots of people lost their phone, but can not find them?

5 security setting galaxy s24 ultra should apply

Setting 1 : Lost Device Protection

  1. This feature helps you track if your phone has been lost or stolen. You can activate Find My Mobile under Settings > Security and Privacy > Allow This Phone to be FOUND
  2. You can also turn on send last location, so when you phone lost, it will send the last location when it lost.
  3. You should also turn on Offline Finding

Setting 2 : App Protection

  1. This feature protects your applications from malware and other threats. Go to Settings > Device Care > Protect apps to enable it.
  2. You can also tap right top corner, click App Protection Setting - Turn on both Daily Scan, and Scan while you install the app

Setting 3: Update Security Engine

  1. Updating your virus definitions is crucial for device security. Go to Settings > Device Care> Go to the Top Right corner, click 3 dots > About Device Care -> Update Security 

Setting 4: Secure Wi-Fi

  1. Public Wi-Fi networks can be risky due to potential hackers. Secure Wi-Fi helps by encrypting your data. Enable it via Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > Secure Wi-Fi.

Please only use it on important app, like financial apps, etc. 

After you done, turn it off when you get home with your own network, for your convenience. 


Setting 5: Auto Block

  1. Auto Blocker addresses various threats like suspicious connections. Please activate it in Settings > Security and Privacy > Auto Blocker > Turn it On
  2. Under Auto Blocker option, you will see " Block apps from Unauthorized sources", click learn more, make sure you choose deny all apps. 

By doing this, you will refuse any dangers staff to install in your phone via USB cable or link to install anything

Wrap up the galaxy s24 ultra security setting

In conclusion, each security setting is crucial in protecting your Galaxy S24 Ultra from various threats. From securing your apps to ensuring your device can be found even when offline, these features offer an additional layer of defense to safeguard your data and enhance your peace of mind.
We understand that this is a lot of information to take in. That's why we encourage you to watch our detailed video guide, which provides step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on enabling and configuring each of these settings. Seeing the process in action can make it much easier to understand and implement.Additionally, we highly recommend exploring further resources on mobile security best practices. Staying informed is one of the best ways to remain safe in the digital world. Remember, your smartphone is an extension of your life. It deserves the same level of protection you'd want for yourself. So, don't wait. Start enhancing the security of your Galaxy S24 Ultra today!

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