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10 Tips To Maximizing Your iPhone 15 's Battery Life Dramatically

Are you constantly finding your iPhone battery draining faster than you'd like? While it's tempting to blame the battery's capacity, there are several settings and features you can tweak to conserve power and prolong your iPhone's battery life. Here are ten tips and tricks for significantly extending the time between charges.

1. Low Data Mode

Hidden within your Wi-Fi settings is a gem called "Low Data Mode." This feature prioritizes Wi-Fi over mobile data, reducing the background scanning for mobile connections and ultimately saving power. Head to your Wi-Fi settings, click on the network, and enable this option to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

turn on low data mode to optimize iphone battery

2. Background App Refresh

Apps refreshing in the background can silently drain your battery. Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to review and deselect apps that don't need to update constantly. This action prevents them from sapping your device's power when idle.

set background app refresh rate to enhance iphone battery

3. Shortcuts Automation

The Shortcuts app offers a clever way to automate your power-saving settings. Create an automation that triggers Low Power Mode when your battery reaches a specific percentage, such as 15% or 20%. This hands-off approach ensures your phone conserves power without manual intervention.

shortcut setting to turn on battery saving mode

4. Always-On Display

The "Always-On Display" might seem minimal, but turning it off (Settings > Display & Brightness) can save a little extra power. Turning off this feature, especially if you don't use it frequently, preserves your battery life.

turn off always on display to save battery for iphone

5. Display Settings Adjustment

Tweak your display settings (Settings > Accessibility > Motion) by lowering the refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz. By reducing motion effects and frame rates, you can save power without compromising your user experience.

limite screen fresh rate and motion to improve iphone 15 battery

6. Siri Settings

If Siri isn't an integral part of your daily routine, consider turning off the "Listen for 'Hey Siri'" option in Settings > Siri & Search. Turning off Siri minimizes constant processing, saving battery power by not actively listening for the wake word.

turn off siri hearing to save iphone 15 battery

7. Charging Optimization

In the Battery Health settings, you can limit charging to 80%. This feature extends the overall battery life, but it might only be practical for some daily needs. Evaluate if this setting aligns with your usage patterns.

set maxium battery charging level

8. Downtime Schedule

Create a daily downtime schedule in Screen Time to reduce information flow, giving both yourself and your iPhone some rest. Customize the duration to minimize the data flow to your device during specific periods.

set up downtime on screentime to maximize the battery of iphone 15

9. Dark Mode

Dark Mode isn't just a visual preference; it's also a power-saving option. Please set it to automatic or permanent (Settings) to switch off pixels in black areas of the screen, significantly conserving battery power.

10. Bonus Tips

Explore additional features such as 'Screen Distance' in Screen Time, which helps maintain healthy viewing distances, and 'Night Shift' in Display settings to adjust screen color temperature, promoting better sleep by reducing blue light exposure.



Implementing these power-saving techniques can significantly optimize your iPhone's battery life. Remember, individual usage may vary, so experiment with these settings and discover what works best for you.

For detailed tips and tricks, take advantage of our complete three-part series on maximizing your iPhone's potential. Stay tuned for more tech guides and tips to elevate your iPhone experience.

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