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What is the best Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim case

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has been popular since its release in February 2024, and over 65% of consumers opted for the Ultra model in the Galaxy S24's global pre-order sales. 

Packed with the powerful Snapdragon Gen 3 and lots of top hardware, combined with the Galaxy AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is undoubtedly the best candidate for king of the smartphone in 2024. As the new kind of smartphone, it features a boxy design. It looks much more refined and new compared to the rounded corners. With a 6.8-inch flat screen, it weighs 8.22 ounces (232 grams). Galaxy S24 Ultra is a big giant phone. So, a Galaxy S24 Ultra slim case is a very reasonable and popular choice for many people.

What is the best Galaxy S24 Ultra slim case? In this blog, we want to help you choose the best case for your needs.

iphone 15 aramid fiber slim case
Credit: Samsung

The benefit of using the Galaxy S24 ultra slim case

Phone companies spent billions of dollars making phones slim and feel good in hand. Slim cases are lightweight and minimal, adding very little bulk to your phone and keeping the phone's original design, making it easier to carry and use daily.

Looking for a perfect Galaxy S24 Ultra slim case?

Here are 3 top picks to match your style and needs

Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim Case in Super Thin Style - Thinborne

galaxy s24 ultar slim case by thinborne

If you love the minimalist style and you hate cases but still want some protection, the Thinborne Galaxy S24 Ultra slim case is the best choice you will love!

Made with the same tough stuff that protects spaceships, this ultra-thin, lightweight, aramid fiber Galaxy S24 ultra slim case safeguards your phone without adding unnecessary bulk. It feels so gorgeous that you can not even notice an issue on your Galaxy S24 Ultra!


  • Premium 600D Aramid Fiber
  • Ultra-Slim 0.04 inch/1.02 MM & Lightweight 0.75 oz / 21.2g
  • Perfect Fitment with Precision
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • Gorgeous Carbon Fiber Textures for Grips
  • It comes with two tempered glass screen protectors


  • Not designed for serious drop protection

Review: Thinborne Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim Case is the best - By Youtuber

Best Balance of Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim Case - Casebrone

If you want both rugged protection and slim profile, Caseborne Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim case with MagSafe is the choice!

caseborne galaxy s24 ultra slim case with magsafe


  • Minimal design without no UGLY P shape
  • 12 feet drop protection
  • 2.00 MM thick, the best balance of the slim profile and rugged protection
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • It comes with two tempered glass screen protectors


  • All clear cases containing TPU will yellowed (I know this is a good case that yellow resisting, tho, but still, if it is made of TPU, it will yellow like in 8 to 12 months)

Advanced Choice for EXTRA FUNCTION: Built-in Kickstand

a man watch youtube with galaxy s24 ultra slim case with kickstand

If you like the 2nd recommendation, Caseborne Galaxy S24 ultra slim case, but you want more functions, a Kickstand, and a ring holder, this is the one.

It is exactly the same case but with a built-in ring that can work as both a kickstand and a ring holder. It is also compatible with MagSa

Custom Review of the Galaxy S24 Ultra slim case with magsafe ring

Shaun Eaton
5.0 out of 5 stars Great case and strong magnets Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2024Size: S24 Ultra with Ring Stand Verified Purchase

"This is a great fitting case, and texture on the sides is a good addition. For a clear case finger prints showing up are not terrible, but are a little noticable. Magnets on this case are freaking stong. Does not effect the spen as the case itself, but haven't tried with any magsafe attachment yet. But my wife's s22u has a magsafe case and with anything attached, her s pen has an issue as well. I think magnet cases effecting the s pen have been much more voiced with the s24u, and is getting blown out of proportion. Cases may have magsafe magnets, but I don't think device was ever really intended to be "magsafe" compatible.

Case if very well fitted to device and is nice and rigid around the screen. A little weary about the case only extending about 1mm past the provided screen protector and only on the top and bottom. Back is very smooth and does not offer much grip, but wow does the phones brilliance shine through beautifully. Buttons are still very clicky and cutouts are all spot on. Camera protection is great. Case extends about 2mm past the cameras and provides a completely flat back, not more rocking while on the table. The detent to hold the ring/kick stand is strong and should have no issues keeping it held in. Also hinge has good traction to keep the ring held into almost any desired position. Not much padding on the corners, but there is an air gap, so drop protection is provided, but am not one that wants to test that out purposely.

As I work industrial maintenance, this won't be my daily driver as I don't want it to fall out of my pocket. But days off, for sure as case and phone combo look fantastic together."

Wrap up:

It is important to find out what kind of style and protection you need daily. When choosing a Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim Case, remember that the "best" case depends on your needs. Whether you prioritize ultimate thinness, a no-slip grip, or a balance of both, this guide offers a starting point for your search. Do further research the cases mentioned based on what matters most to you, and you'll be well on your way to protecting your S24 Ultra in style!

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