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Introducing the Google Pixel Fold 2 MagSafe Case—ultra-thin, super light, and feels like no case.

Crafted from premium 600D aramid fiber, 5 times thinner and stronger than steel. This case offers a perfect blend of style and strength.

With MagSafe compatibility, it seamlessly integrates for effortless attachment and charging.

Slip it into your pocket or bag with ease, knowing your device is shielded in style.

Super thin like no case : Thinborne Google Pixel Fold 2 MagSafe Case

Whether you're searching for a Pixel Fold 2 MagSafe case for wireless charging or simply the best thin MagSafe phone case on the market, our Aramid Fiber super thin case gets you covered. Browse our selection and find the perfect case that complements your style and protects your Google Pixel Fold 2 in an ultra-thin, magnetically charged world.

a hand holding google pixel fold 2 magsafe case and put it into the wireless magnetic charger in the car dashboard

Compatible with MagSafe

Our Google Pixel Fold 2 MagSafe Case  seamlessly integrates with your Google Pixel Fold 2 for effortless attachment and charging. No more fumbling with cords or adapters; simply snap on and go.

showing the 600d aramid fiber is a premium materials that used a lot in aerospace industry.

Made of 600d Aramid Fiber

Ultra-Thin Design, 5x Thinner and Stronger than Steel


Compatible with Wireless charging

Our Pixel Fold 2 MagSafe case is also compatible with wireless charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

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