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Buy the Pixel Fold Now or Wait for the Pixel Fold 2? Here's How to Decide

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Will the Google Pixel Fold 2 Be Worth the Wait?

Google just recently entered the foldable phone market. The global search engine and tech company released the first Pixel Fold model in 2023, stealing the thunder from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold – the first foldable smartphone.

With a Pixel Fold 2 on the horizon, many wonder if it's worth the wait. The original did warrant an impressive overall quality and was considered one of the best next-gen foldables.

This article pieces together rumors on the Pixel Fold 2 to help you decide whether to snag the original now or wait for its successor. We'll also weigh the pros and cons of the current Pixel Fold against the potential upgrades of the Pixel Fold 2.

🔑 Key Takeaways

Google is releasing its second foldable phone a year after the original Pixel Fold model.

Pixel Fold 2 may launch in the fall along with the Pixel 9.

This year's Pixel Fold 2 will have improved hardware, bigger screen, and larger battery.

Google Pixel Fold is a strong competitor against the leading Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Pixel Fold Overview

Google surprised the tech world when it launched its first foldable phone in late June 2023. It featured a 7.6-inch flexible OLED display that folds in half like a book, giving the user more screen real estate when unfolded.

It comes with a triple-camera system, 5G capabilities, and impressive battery life, running Android's latest operating system at the time – Android 13. It was priced at $1,800, which is on par with other high-end smartphones on the market.

Google Pixel Fold foldable phone

Google Pixel Fold Key Features

A little more than a year since its conception, here’s what we know so far about Google’s Pixel Fold series.

  • Display: A large, foldable main display with a smooth refresh rate and a smaller cover display for basic tasks.

  • Performance: Powered by Google's Tensor chip and RAM for seamless multitasking and video streaming.

  • Camera: Excellent camera system with stunning image quality and computational photography; Also comes with wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto camera lenses.

  • Battery life: A solid, larger battery that gets you through the day, with a 4,821mAh capacity.

  • Software: Clean and up-to-date Android experience with guaranteed updates for several years.



The “thinnest” foldable

Thick bezels

Wide front display

Visible crease

Multiple usage and multitasking modes

Slow wireless charging options

Excellent build

Hefty price tag

Impressive camera system with 5x zoom

Does not completely fold

The “most durable” foldable

User Reviews

There were mixed feelings about the Google Pixel Fold. While there’s a lot to love about it, some questionable design choices have left some consumers feeling underwhelmed.

On the positive side, some believe the Pixel Fold presents itself as a tough Samsung challenger.

Overall, the first Pixel Fold got a whopping 4.8 star -verdict by TechRadar.

What to Expect from the Pixel Fold 2

Rumors initially said the Google I/O event happening around May of 2024 will also un"fold" their latest foldable. Now that that has clearly passed, we can likely expect it to come out later, along with the Pixel 9 sometime in the fall.

On the bright side, reliable leakers hint that Google’s second foldable will see improved hardware this year and a bigger screen. Ross Young, a Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO, shares on X that the upcoming Pixel Fold 2 will have an 8.02-inch main screen and a 6.29-inch cover display.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Expected Features

With a bigger display comes a bigger battery. Larger screens typically demand more power, and the Pixel Fold 2 may not disappoint in this area. A larger battery with increased capacity would certainly be a welcoming improvement.

Beyond screen size, leaks suggest the Pixel Fold 2 might boast a next-generation Tensor chip from Google, tentatively named the Tensor G4. This upgraded processor promises even faster performance and improved efficiency. However, other reports suggest Google might stick with the current Tensor G3 chip found in the Pixel 8 series – a strategic decision to expedite the Pixel Fold 2's launch.

Another area rumored for improvement is the crease. While details remain unconfirmed, some sources hint that Google might be implementing an improved hinge for a flatter fold. This would be a major selling point for users who found the crease distracting on the original Pixel Fold.

Comparing Pixel Fold and Pixel Fold 2

We listed down full specifications from the OG Pixel Fold and the rumored specs for the Pixel Fold 2. Here’s a quick breakdown.


Pixel Fold

Pixel Fold 2 (Rumored)

Display Size

7.6" main, 5.8" cover

8.02" main, 6.29" cover


Google Tensor G2

Google Tensor G3 or G4


Triple camera with 4k video recording

Triple camera with 4k slow-mo video recording


Solid 4821 mAh battery life

Potentially larger battery

Choosing Between Pixel Fold and Pixel Fold 2

Below are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding between a new foldable and the 2023 Pixel Fold version. Consider this your checklist.

✅Urgency: Do you need a new phone right away?

✅Budget: Can you afford the Pixel Fold 2's rumored premium price tag?

✅Tech Enthusiast: Do you crave the latest and greatest tech of the Pixel Fold?

✅Longevity: Will the Pixel Fold support software updates for many years?

✅Usage: How will you use the phone and what is your priority usage?

Protect Your Pixel Fold Phone

Even with the rumored improvements to the Pixel Fold 2 hardware, your device may need extra protection from unforeseen mishaps. Some people shrug off the idea of bulky protective cases, but third-party providers like Thinborne introduce a thin phone case that feels like no case.

It’s more than what it seems. Their thin Pixel Fold case offers:

  • Premium 600D aramid fiber material

  • MagSafe ready

  • Slim and stylish for minimalists

  • 5x thinner and stronger than steel

If the bigger display for the Pixel Fold 2 rumors are true, a well-designed case with a textured grip can significantly improve your hold on the phone. Here’s an honest review dedicated to a fellow foldable.

Expert Opinions & Recommendations

Tech experts generally recommend the Pixel Fold for those who need a phone now and appreciate its excellent camera and software. However, for those who can wait and prioritize the latest tech, the Pixel Fold 2 might be worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, unofficial features from foldable phone release leaks held strong ground. Consider the factors above, and don't hesitate to do your research further. At the end of the day, the choice between the Pixel Fold and Pixel Fold 2 lies on your needs and preferences.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and announcements from Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pixel Fold worth it?

The Pixel Fold offers a compelling experience, but whether it's "worth it" depends on your priorities. The Pixel Fold excels in areas like night photography and clean software.

Is Google Pixel foldable phone better than other Android phones?

There's no single "better" phone; it depends on what you value. If you're specifically looking for a foldable phone with a large unfolded display and unique functionalities, the Pixel Fold offers that cutting-edge design.

Does Google Pixel Fold 2 need a protective case?

Foldable phones, despite advancements, are inherently more fragile than traditional phones. The hinge and crease are weak points vulnerable to drops, bumps, or even pressure in your pocket. A good aramid case adds an extra layer of protection, potentially saving you from a cracked screen or a malfunctioning hinge.

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