How To Use S Pen On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

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Top 20 Best S Pen Features On Galaxy Z Fold 5

If you've been enjoying the unparalleled experience of using your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, you may wonder how to take your device to the next level with the S Pen. For years, Samsung's popular Note series set the standard for sophisticated stylus capabilities, and now that same precision and creativity is available for the Z Fold series. Our experts will share the top 20 tips and tricks of this nifty little tool. So, without further ado, let's get started.

1. Taking Notes on Videos

Our first tip revolves around note-taking on videos. Imagine you're in the middle of a lecture or engrossed in an informative video and need to jot down some important points. All you need to do is press the S Pen button and double-tap your screen. This will bring up the Samsung Notes app, allowing you to take notes immediately.

However, you may notice that the note-taking app blocks your view of the video. No worries! Simply select the blue bar at the top of the app and click on the opacity icon. From here, you can adjust the transparency of the app, allowing you to see the video while taking notes.

2. Screen Recording Your Note-Taking Sessions

What if you want to record your note-taking process along with the video? Well, the S Pen has got you covered. Pull down the quick panel option from the top of your screen and select the screen recorder. Click on 'start recording,' and after a short countdown, your screen recording will begin. Now, you can take notes while recording the video playing in the background.

Sometimes, you may want to highlight something crucial in the video. With the S Pen, you can do this with ease. While in screen recording mode, select the pen icon. Now, you can use your S Pen to highlight or write on any part of the video. This feature can be handy for emphasizing key points during presentations or study sessions.

Let's discuss how you can turn on the front camera while screen recording is underway. It's as simple as selecting the front camera icon. Once activated, your screen recording will capture your notes and the video from your front camera. When you're finished, just hit 'stop', and everything you've recorded will be saved in your gallery for easy access later.

3. Note-Taking with Screen-Off Memo

Next up is the 'screen off memo' feature. Picture this: You've locked your Z Fold 5, but suddenly, you need to scribble down something important urgently. Just press the S Pen button and double-tap your screen. This opens the 'screen off memo,' allowing you to jot down anything important, be it a reminder or an appointment detail.

You might want to keep your note handy once you're done writing it. You can pin it to your always-on display. Select the pin icon after writing your note. It will then show the option to 'pin to always on display'. Select it, and voila! Your note is now visible on your always-on display. Even if you close your Z Fold 5, the note will still be visible on the outer screen.

If you need to minimize your screen off memo, there's a straightforward way to do it. Just select the minimize icon twice, and your note will shrink down. To access your minimized note, select the screen off memo icon, and your note will be pinned to your always-on display again.

4. Adding Text from Different Sources to Your Notes

Next on our list is adding text from different sources to your notes. Suppose you're browsing a website and come across a piece of Text you'd like to include in your notes. Press the S Pen button and select the desired Text. Once selected, an 'add to note' option appears. Select it, and the text will be added directly to your Samsung Notes.

You can adjust the size of the added text to suit your needs and even highlight or write additional information. What's more, the source link is also included in the note. If you don't need the link, you can quickly delete it by pressing and holding it.

S Pen Features on Galaxy Fold 5

5. Handwriting To Text Conversion

The S Pen isn't just for note-taking it can also convert your handwriting into text. For instance, if you want to search for something on Google, you can write it out with your S Pen instead of typing. As soon as you finish writing, your handwriting is converted into text. This feature is also handy when you want to enter a URL. Write out the website's name, and the S Pen will convert it into Text, ready for you to browse.

6. Utilizing Glance Mode

The next tip involves using the Glance app in your Z Fold 5. Imagine you're on a website and want to view it in glance mode. Just select the Air Command icon and choose the glance option. The website will then appear in a smaller format on your screen.

Now, let's say you want to open another app, like Samsung Notes, to take some notes while viewing the website. Bring your pen closer to the small-format website, and it will expand. Move your pen away, and it will shrink down, allowing you to continue note-taking. This feature is great for cross-referencing information or switching between different apps without losing sight of your original content.

7. Dragging Images and Text Into Your Notes

One of the most convenient features of the S Pen is its ability to drag images and Text from various sources directly into your notes. Let's explore how this works.

Firstly, open Samsung Notes on your device and start taking your notes. Next, pull out the Edge panel and select the internet browser to open it in a split screen. For instance, let's say you've searched for some images on Google and found an image you'd like to insert into your notes.

To do this, press and hold on to the desired image with your S Pen, and you'll see that you can easily drag it into your notes. Once the image is in your notes, you can adjust its size, rotate, crop, and edit it as needed.

8. Incorporating Text into Your Notes

The same method works for adding text to your notes. Suppose you're browsing a website, and there's a snippet of text you want to include in your notes. Again, press and hold the desired Text with your S Pen and start selecting. Once you've highlighted the necessary Text, press and hold it with your S Pen, just as you did with the image, and drag it into your notes.Once the Text is in your notes, you can edit it, highlight parts of it, or even jot down additional points with your S Pen.

This feature allows you to seamlessly incorporate relevant images and text into your notes, enhancing your note-taking experience and making your notes more comprehensive and visually appealing. So, next time you're taking notes, remember to make full use of this handy feature.

9. Adding Entire Webpages to Your Notes

Have you ever wanted to add an entire webpage to your notes? With the S Pen, you can. Let's say you've opened a website and want to include it in your notes. Go back and select a new page in Samsung Notes. At the bottom, you'll see options for 'link' and 'whole page. Choose 'whole page', and the S Pen will start adding the entire website to your notes, including all the Text and images.

Once the process is complete, you'll find that the entire website - text, images, and all - is now part of your notes. You can scroll through the webpage right within your notes. If you want, you can close the original website and begin editing the version in your notes. Want to annotate something or draw a shape? Go ahead. If you need to add text, select the keyboard option and type away.

S Pen Tips and Tricks on Z Fold 5

10. Screen Writing and Sharing Option

The next tip is about the screenwriting and sharing option. Suppose you're reading a book and have some information you'd like to share with friends or colleagues. The S Pen makes this easy with the screen write option.

Tap the Air Command icon and select 'screen write .' This will take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen. Now, you can write or highlight anything on the screenshot. Once you're done, tap the share icon. You'll be presented with various platforms to share your annotated screenshot. If you want to keep a copy for yourself, select the download option, and the screenshot will be saved to your phone.

11. Utilizing the S Pen for Translation

The next tip involves using your S Pen for translations. Let's say you've opened a website written in French, but you need to understand some specific lines in English. Here's where your S Pen comes into play.

Select the Air Command icon and then the 'translate' option. Bring your pen closer to the line you want to translate, the English translation will appear there! It's as easy as that. Now you can understand foreign languages with the help of your S Pen.

12. Extracting Text from Images

Have you ever wanted to extract text from an image? With the S Pen, you can do just that. Open your gallery and select the picture with the Text you want to extract. Select the 'T' icon, and it will highlight all the Text in the picture.

Press and hold your S Pen on the text and select 'all .'Once you've done this, you can share or copy the Text. When you choose to share, it will show you all the platforms where you can share this Text.

13. Signing PDF Files Using Your S Pen

Your S Pen can also be used to work with PDF files. Suppose you have a PDF form that needs your signature at the bottom. Open the file and select the Samsung Notes PDF reader option.

Once the file is open, select the 'edit' option. Now, you can easily sign in at the designated spot. But that's not all, you can also highlight anything in the PDF file or draw shapes. All annotations can be made directly in the PDF file using your S Pen.

14. Using Your S Pen to Magnify Text

The S Pen isn't just for note-taking and drawing, it also has a handy magnification feature. For instance, if you're browsing a website and the text is too small to read comfortably, the S Pen can help.

Simply select the Air Command icon, choose the 'magnify' option, and bring your pen closer to the text. As you can see, the Text will be magnified, making it easier to read. This feature can be beneficial when dealing with small fonts or detailed images.

What Can You Do With Your S Pen?

15. Writing on Videos with Your S Pen

Another amazing feature of the S Pen is the ability to write on videos. Imagine you've opened a video in your gallery and want to add some annotations or highlights. All you need to do is select the pen icon, choose an emoji, and select the pen option.

You can write directly on the video or create shapes highlighting specific sections. Once you're finished, press the 'done' button and play the video to see your annotations. This functionality can enhance your video-watching experience, especially when you want to highlight specific parts or add personal touches.

16. Creating AR Doodles with Your S Pen

Let's talk about creating AR (Augmented Reality) doodles with your S Pen. Select the Air Command icon and choose the 'AR doodle' option. You can then use your S Pen to create a three-dimensional sketch that appears to float in the air around you.

For example, to highlight something in your surroundings, start recording and use your S Pen to draw attention to it. You can also write words, change the pen options, and even specify objects. This feature can be incredibly useful in making demo videos or presentations more engaging and interactive. Once you're done, stop the recording. You can then play it back to see your AR doodle in action.

17. Making Your Calendar More Interactive with the S Pen

The S Pen can transform your calendar into an interactive tool. To do this, open your calendar and locate the 'write' option in the top right corner. You can use your S Pen to write directly on your calendar by selecting this.

If you want to jot down a reminder on the 18th, zoom in on that date and write it down with your S Pen. You'll find different tools for erasing and changing pen options and colors. Once you're finished writing, just save it. This way, your reminders are not just more personal but also more visually appealing.

18. Unleashing Your Creativity with the S Pen

Your S Pen isn't just for taking notes or navigating your device. It's also a powerful tool for drawing. You can create art right on your phone using the Pen Up app, which you can access through the Air Command.

There are various tools and brushes available for you to experiment with. You can customize your artwork from different pencil options to a color palette. If you make a mistake, no worries! You can erase and start again.

19. Previewing Media with the S Pen

With the S Pen, you can preview images and videos without opening them fully. Bring your S Pen closer to an image or video in your gallery. The media will be displayed in a preview format, allowing you to scan through your files quickly.

The Air Preview feature also extends to sharing and deleting files. Hover over the file you wish to share or delete and select the appropriate option.

20. Customizing Your S Pen

Finally, let's talk about customizing your S Pen settings. Navigate to settings and scroll down to 'advanced features .'Here, you'll find the S Pen option.

Inside, you'll find a host of customization options. For instance, you can change the style of the Air Command menu or add and delete shortcuts. Other options include S Pen to text, screen-off memos, quick notes, and more. Customize these settings to tailor your S Pen experience to your liking.

Final Thoughts

The S Pen enriches the Samsung Galaxy Z45 experience, making it more than a smartphone. It's a device that allows you to express yourself creatively, enhances productivity, and even transforms how you interact with the world. Whether you're jotting down reminders, creating art, previewing media, or customizing your settings, the S Pen allows you to do it easily. 

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