How To Clean Your AirPods Pro Like A Pro

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Quick and Easy Tips To Cleaning Your AirPods Pro

If you want to keep your AirPods Pro in pristine condition, you've come to the right place. Whether it's stubborn earwax or everyday grime bothering you, this guide will walk you through the best practices for cleaning your AirPods Pro.

 Remember, while cleaning your tech is important, don't forget to seek advice from a healthcare professional for any hearing issues. Ready to get those AirPods Pro shining like new? Let's get started!

Getting To Know Your AirPods Pro

So, you've got yourself a pair of AirPods Pro. Nice choice! These little gadgets are more than just earbuds; they're your go-to for music, calls, and maybe even your workout buddy. But, like any good companion, they need a bit of care now and then. Let's break it down.

Your AirPods Pro comes with a few key parts. First, there are the earbuds themselves, tiny powerhouses of sound that sit snug in your ears. Then, there's the charging case, their cozy home where they juice up and rest. Together, they're a team that brings your audio to life.

But here's the thing: life gets messy. Dirt and dust don't need an invitation to start sticking to your earbuds. And earwax? It's a natural part of our bodies, but it's not exactly a friend to our AirPods Pro. Over time, this buildup can mess with the sound quality and affect how well your AirPods fit in your ears.

AirPods Pro

Preparing to Clean

Essential Supplies

Before we start, make sure you have these items on hand:

  • Cotton swabs
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • A cleaning brush with a wire loop
  • A dry, lint-free microfiber cloth

Follow These Rules for Safe Cleaning

Apple suggests a few golden rules for cleaning your AirPods Pro:

  • Use 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox disinfecting wipes for the exterior.
  • Avoid the speaker mesh with wipes.
  • Avoid using bleach.
  • Keep moisture away from openings.
  • Never submerge your AirPods Pro in cleaning fluids.

How To Clean Your AirPods Pro Body?

For the body of your AirPods Pro, a regular wipe-down post-use is crucial, especially after exposure to sweat or lotions. Remember, they're water-resistant, not waterproof, so keep them dry.

Focus on the wire mesh covering the mics  a dry swab should do. If it's stubbornly dirty, a gentle brushing might be needed. For the rest of the body, moisten a cotton swab with your alcohol wipe and only cover the white areas. Avoid getting the mesh or speaker areas wet.

How To Clean Your AirPods Pro Case?

Think of your Thinborne AirPods Pro Aramid Fiber case as the trusty sidekick to your earbuds. It guards your earbuds against daily wear and tear, keeping them safe and sound. Without the case, your AirPods are left exposed to potential damage. That's why taking good care of the case is crucial.

Start with a soft cloth to give the case a good wipe, clearing off any smudges or fingerprints. Next, grab a dry cotton swab and gently go over any nooks and crannies to remove dust or lint. Have you spotted some stubborn spots? Moisten another cotton swab with alcohol and carefully clean those areas, especially where your AirPods make contact with the case. Remember, we're aiming for cleanliness, not a swimming session. Avoid letting any moisture sneak into the charging ports. Lastly, if the Lightning port looks like it's hosting a dirt party, a gentle brush can help disperse the crowd.

How To Clean Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips?

Ear tips often harbor the most dirt due to earwax. If you're nodding along, let's tackle that wax together. Start by gently tapping the AirPods on your cloth, mesh side down, to shake off any loose wax or moisture. Then, carefully remove the ear tips.

A dry cotton swab does the trick inside if the tips are wax-free. But if you spot wax, use a brush with a wire loop to gently remove it without harming the plastic. This step helps prevent clogging the internal screen, which can be a pain to clean later. Rinse the tips with water (no soap!), dry them off, and set them aside.

Reassembling The AirPods Pro

Once you finish cleaning the case, look down inside the ear tips to ensure they're completely dry. Wipe out the inside of the ear tips with a dry cotton swab to make sure. You can now push them back onto the AirPods Pro. Make sure to align them correctly and push until you hear the ear tips click back into place. Finally, put them back into the clean case.

Thinborne AirPods Pro Aramid Fiber Case


Have you run into a muffled sound or a spotty connection? Chances are dirt's the culprit. These issues often stem from buildup blocking the speakers or mics.

The fix? Get cleaning. A gentle cleaning session often removes whatever's blocking your AirPods Pro from performing at its peak. Keep up with regular cleaning, and these problems will be rare sights.

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Maintaining Your Clean AirPods Pro

Alright, you've got your AirPods Pro gleaming. How do you keep them that way? It's simple: a little care goes a long way. First off, make cleaning a habit. A quick wipe-down after use keeps grime at bay. And when you're not jamming out or on a call, tuck them into their case. It's their safe space, keeping dirt and dust out.

How often should you do a deep clean? Aim for once a week if you use your AirPods Pro daily. Less frequent users can stretch it to once a month. The key is consistency. Regular love and care keep your AirPods Pro sounding and looking their best.

To see these cleaning tips in action and ensure your AirPods Pro stay in top condition, check out this popular YouTube video by Pro Fit Hearing:

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a clean AirPods Pro is crucial for the sake of hygiene and the longevity of these expensive and high-quality earbuds. By regularly cleaning your AirPods Pro, you not only remove any dirt or bacteria that may have accumulated, but you also ensure that they continue to function at their best. Following the steps outlined in this blog post may seem like a small task, but it can make all the difference in keeping your AirPods Pro in top condition. So don't underestimate the power of a simple wipe down and regular maintenance. Your ears and wallet will thank you. And let's be honest, no one wants to be that person with dirty and malfunctioning AirPods Pro. So take action now and keep those earbuds shining and working like new.

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