Which Is Superior: Carbon Fiber or Aramid Phone Cases?

Which Is Superior: Carbon Fiber or Aramid Phone Cases?

There are numerous carbon phone cases (karbon phone covers) in the market. They resemble Aramid phone cases in appearance, and many users and even some wholesalers mistake carbon phone cases for Aramid phone cases. That is all due to manufacturers' misrepresentation. In actuality, they are completely distinct. You will comprehensively understand these two materials by comparing features and phone case functionality.

What are Aramids?

Aromatic polyamide, or Aramid, is a category of artificial, high-performance, synthetic fibers with great strength. They were initially developed for and employed in aerospace or military applications. These fibers' molecules contain relatively stiff polymer chains linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, utilizing lightweight molecular chains. The average Aramid fiber is thinner than human hair and has a characteristic yellow hue. It can be woven and colored for a variety of designs.


What are the Advantages of an Aramid Fiber Phone Case? Rigidity and Toughness

Carbon fiber has the highest tensile and compressive strength. It is the stiffest fiber by far, yet it is brittle. Carbon fibers are less durable than Aramid fibers, so a phone case made of carbon will also be brittle. A phone case made of Aramid is more durable and flexible to a certain extent.

Due to the easy conductivity of carbon fiber, a carbon phone case will by no means disrupt your phone signals. Aramid phone cases will not interfere with your WiFi, GPS, or phone signals in any way, but they may impede your Bluetooth signal. Consequently, you can enjoy a satisfying internet experience.
Color Aramid is a bright golden color in its natural state. Numerous beautiful tints are now available for coloring it. Carbon fiber is always black and, by itself, cannot be dyed. This is the simplest way to determine whether the phone case is made of carbon (Karbon) or Aramid. Carbon (Karbon) phone cases are always black. However, additional colors may be available for Aramid phone cases.

Aramid phone case is the world's thinnest and lightest phone case. In the meantime, it retains the sleek look and elegance of the original phone, and its 3D velvety touch will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. Due to the unique property of aramid, this material's phone case is durable and bulletproof. The scratch-resistant coating on the Aramid phone case is extraordinary, making it a durable phone cover.


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