Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 compatible with MagSafe?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Compatible with MagSafe?

MagSafe Charging on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

Is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Magsafe Compatible? This question has become more popular recently.

MagSafe is a feature invented by Apple, and it is getting more and more popular not just for iPhone users but also for Android users. Many people wonder if their Galaxy Z Flip 6 is Compatible with Magsafe.

This blog post will investigate this question in-depth and provide detailed information about MagSafe's compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Compatible with MagSafe?

The answer is No.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 does not have a built-in MagSafe feature from the manufacture.

The good news is that we can make the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 compatible with MagSafe but with some limitations. 

While Apple's MagSafe technology is proprietary, it is based on the Qi wireless charging standard used by many Android devices, including the Galaxy Z Flip 6. You can charge your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with a Qi-compatible MagSafe charging pad. 

All we lack is just the magnetism. If we can add a magnetic ring to the phone, we can solve the problem.

What Is MagSafe

Before we show you how to make Galaxy Z Flip 6 compatible with MagSafe, let's talk about What is MagSafe!

MagSafe is a proprietary magnetic charging technology that debuted with Apple's MacBook Pro laptops in 2006. Its primary function was to protect the laptop's charging ports from damage. Apple introduced MagSafe for the iPhone 12 in 2020, which uses the same magnetic connectivity concept as wireless charging.

For the depth explanation, check our blog: What is MagSafe

How does the MagSafe work?

a picture shows how the magsafe works inside the phone

Apple is the best consumer tech company, famous for its innovative design and high quality. MagSafe is one of their best features in recent years.

You can check the picture above for a visual of how they make MagSafe work: a clever arrangement of magnets encircles the internal charging coil of supported devices at the heart of MagSafe technology. This design enables devices to detect and connect with other MagSafe-compatible accessories in real time, resulting in a secure and reliable connection with a satisfying snap.

"Made for MagSafe" versus "MagSafe Compatible"

Like most of Apple invented features, Apple makes MagSafe kind of exclusive with some limits, but there are always ways to walk-around. That is why there are "Made For MagSafe" and " MagSafe Compatible"

The "Made for MagSafe" badge and Apple's official technology are on all MagSafe accessories. 

This label indicates that these items have undergone thorough testing and have been purposefully designed to meet MFi (Made for iPhone) standards. Additionally, MagSafe wireless chargers can charge devices up to 15W.

In contrast, "MagSafe Compatible" magnetic accessories adhere to industry standards and provide the same snap-on convenience and precision found in MagSafe-compatible products. 

However, they lack Apple's official MagSafe technology, resulting in wireless chargers that can only reach speeds of up to 7.5W. Despite this, these products prioritize consumer safety and adhere to high-quality standards.

How do you add MagSafe to your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6?

There are 2 ways to make your Galaxy Z Flip 6 Compatible with MagSafe: MagSafe adapter phone cases and adapter rings.

1. MagSafe Ring

MagSafe adapter rings are magnets that attach to the back of your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. These magnets work seamlessly with MagSafe charging pads, enabling convenient and wireless phone charging. A notable benefit inherent to the utilization of an adapter ring lies in its cost-effectiveness and straightforward installation procedure. Simply affix the ring to the rear of your phone, and you're primed for seamless charging functionality.

2. MagSafe Compatible Case

MagSafe adapter cases, on the other hand, have built-in magnets.

These phone cases offer additional protection for your device while providing the same functionality as adapter rings. A MagSafe adapter case might be a better option if you frequently drop your phone.

For instance, the Thinborne Galaxy Z Flip 6 Case features aramid fiber, known for its exceptional durability and impact resistance, in addition to MagSafe support and a minimalist, sleek design. Regardless of your choice, integrating MagSafe with your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 can introduce a world of convenience. Bid farewell to the hassle of grappling with cords and cables during your phone's charging moments, relishing the constant assurance of a fully charged device.

Advantages of Using MagSafe with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

There are lots of benefits to make your galaxy z flip 6 compatible with MagSafe, including:

  • Effortless Charging: The magnetic connection simplifies and streamlines the charging process.
  • Multi-Device Charging: Some MagSafe charging pads charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Cord-Free Living: Say goodbye to cords and cables cluttering your workspace or home environment.
  • Added Features: Some brands have innovations and extra features like built-in kickstands or cardholders.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: MagSafe charging pads often feature a sleek and modern design that can enhance your space's style.

MagSafe's restrictions when used with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6  The Galaxy Z Flip 6 can use a MagSafe charging pad, but there are some restrictions to take into account:

  • Weaker Magnetic Connection: Compared to Apple devices, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6's magnetic connection may need to be stronger.Due to the weaker magnetic connection, moving the phone around on the charging pad could cause it to fall off.
  • The efficiency of Charging: Due to hardware and software variations, charging performance and speed may differ from that of Apple devices.

Wrap Up

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 does not have the official built-in MagSafe feature, we can still make it compatible with MagSafe with third-party accessories. 

The main downside is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Compatible MagSafe will be limited to 7.5 watts when wireless charging. However, we still have all the functions that work with the MagSafe Holder, Stand, wallet, and more.


1. Does Samsung Z Flip 6 Have Official MagSafe Built-in?

Because MagSafe is a proprietary technology invented by Apple for their iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 phones are not officially MagSafe compatible.

2. Can we make Galaxy Z Flip 6 Compatible with MagSafe?

Yes but with limits.

We can use 3rd parties accessories like: MagSafe ring and MagSafe Compatible Case.

The limit is that the max charging is under 7.5 W, compared to official Apple 15W charging.

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