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How is Thinborne Better Than Pitaka Google Pixel 9 Pro Case?

Many people wonder if Thinborne is better than Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro Case. However, objectively comparing the Thinborne and Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro cases takes work because we love our brand and are confident it has better QC and details.

We can highlight some features that set us apart from the Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro case from our customers, the press, and influencers. 

picture shows the Thinborne case, which is better than Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro Case

Different Business Than Pitaka Pixel 9 Case Pro Business

Pitaka is skilled at crafting thin phone cases made of aramid fiber, but our business takes an entirely different approach—or, let's say, pitch—to them.

As a small business launched in Frisco, Texas, in 2023, we deeply understand we need the reputation and brand awareness that Pitaka enjoys.

But we are confident that we are the best casemaker in terms of details and service for thin iPhone case, magnetic phone case, and the Carbon Fiber Phone Case Series.

So, below are three key differences set us apart from Pitaka's Pixel 9 Pro case

1: Extremely Strict Quality Checks Process

In 2023, we hit a disaster when we just started. We had to destroy more than 600 iPhone 14 Pro cases because our supplier wasn't up to our quality standards. Sadly, we found out when they arrived at our warehouse in Texas in the 3rd QCS.

But since then, we've been doing whatever we can find the top provider of minimalist cases made from aramid fiber.

Luckily, we managed to team up with one of the top three manufacturers in China who shared our vision of creating something more than excellent.

Knowing we didn't have the same reputation as Pitaka's Thin Phone Case, we took a different route: We invested in the finest materials for our cases and even offered tempered glass screen protectors, even though they're a lot pricier than regular ones.

We're serious about quality controls, so we do three rounds of checks: one during manufacturing with our supervision, another at our QC agent's warehouse, and a final check at our Texas warehouse.

We also collect feedback on every batch and discuss it with our supplier to improve every single detail.

Our goal is simple: we want to eliminate flaws and make the best thin phone case in the world.

2: Texas Service You'll Love: Helping Us Surpass the Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro Case

Just like regular people from Texas, we want something that goes beyond excellent quality and provides dope service that will guarantee a worry-free experience. 

To be better than Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro case, we want to offer you our thin phone case for Pixel 9 series with the world's best customer service. Our standard: Texas local service, 30-day return without question, and a 180-day warranty. Still, we love our customers more than making money, so contact us. We will try our best to go beyond the regular. 

3: A Proud Small Business in Texas

There's something special about supporting small businesses in Texas rather than funneling business to overseas brands.

We do not have problem with Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro Case is from Chinese brand and made in China.

Our cases are made in China, too, but we are proud to be a small business in Texas, USA. We are happy paying taxes and hiring local people and more

What Media Say About us

showing the thin pixel 9 pro case from Thinborne

You don't have to take our word for it because every brand tends to exaggerate the benefits. However, we genuinely believe that our thin phone case is superior to the Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro case.

But you can rely on major media outlets that love and recommend us

  1. We are honored to be chosen to be best case brand of 2023 on Android Central https://www.androidcentral.com/phones/android-central-best-of-2023#section-best-phone-case-brand-thinborne
  2. Android Central rated our S24 Ultra Case as the Top 1 Staff Pick for the Best Galaxy S24 Ultra Case of 2024 https://www.androidcentral.com/accessories/best-galaxy-s24-ultra-cases
  3. Android Central rated our S24 Plus Case as the Top 2 for the Best Galaxy S24 Plus Case of 2024 https://www.androidcentral.com/accessories/best-galaxy-s24-plus-cases
  4. You can also check on 9to5google, see how much Editor Andrew loves us https://9to5google.com/2023/11/01/thinbornes-pixel-8-8-pro-aramid-fiber-case/
  5. Tom's Guide also recommend our S23 Ultra MagSafe case 2/10 on the best cases. ( Hey, our s24 ultra going be so much better than s23 ultra) https://www.tomsguide.com/best-picks/best-samsung-galaxy-s23-ultra-cases 

Wrap up:

While a genuinely unbiased comparison between Thinborne and Pitaka Pixel 9 Pro is difficult, we can confidently share what differentiates Thinborne Pixel 9 Pro Thin Phone Case

Our invest more to use finnest aramid fiber materials and get detail-focused craftsmanship ensures a premium minimalist thin phone case for your Google Pixel 9 Pro.

Our crazy 3-round quality control process and dedicated customer service guarantee a satisfying experience.

If you're looking for a premium aramid fiber case that prioritizes thinness and top-notch quality, Thinborne is worth considering.

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I am A tech geek from Frisco, Texas, running Thinborne, a company offering super-thin phone case made of 600d aramid fiber. 

I share my passion and knowledge for all things tech with anyone who wants to listen!

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