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Leak Reveals iPhone 16 MagSafe Redesign

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iPhone 16 MagSafe Redesign: A Thinner Ring?

MagSafe accessories have become popular for iPhone users, offering a convenient and secure way to charge their devices wirelessly. Rumors have it that the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup suggests a potential redesign to the MagSafe system: slimmer MagSafe components .

With this information, one may question its impact on existing iPhone MagSafe accessories. Let’s find out what these rumored changes could mean for iPhone users and the potential benefits and impacts on MagSafe accessory manufacturers and users.

What Are MagSafe Components?

For those unfamiliar, MagSafe is Apple's wireless charging technology that utilizes magnets built into the back of iPhones. These magnets securely attach MagSafe-compatible chargers, wallets, and other accessories, ensuring perfect alignment for efficient charging and a satisfying snap-on feel.

The key components of the MagSafe system on iPhones are the MagSafe ring and the alignment magnet. These are located on the back of the device and work together to guide MagSafe accessories into the optimal position for charging or functionality.

🎉 Fun Fact: iPhones with MagSafe charging have reverse charging capabilities. This means your iPhone can charge a MagSafe battery pack. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is limited. They can only charge Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack, not other devices like AirPods or Apple Watch.

Rumored Changes to MagSafe Components

Other than potential display upgrades, leaked case molds for the iPhone 16 series seem to indicate a redesign of the MagSafe system. These molds suggest that the MagSafe ring and the alignment magnet might be slimmer than previous iPhone models.

Here’s a photo of the iPhone16 molds shared on Reddit. 

While the impact on existing MagSafe accessories remains unclear, it's highly likely that Apple will prioritize backward compatibility. This means older MagSafe accessories should still work with the iPhone 16, even if the magnets themselves are slimmer.

Whether there are additional changes to ‌MagSafe‌ in the upcoming iPhone lineup that could extend to the charging technology, there is no confirmation yet. Although some rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 series could see increased MagSafe charging speeds with support for up to 20 watts compared to the current standard of 15 watts.

Additionally, there's speculation that Apple might use stronger magnets to compensate for the reduced size, leading to a more secure connection with MagSafe accessories.

Potential Benefits of a Slimmer Design

While the reported changes might seem minor, a slimmer MagSafe system could offer several potential benefits, both for the iPhone 16 itself and the MagSafe accessories it interacts with.

1. Thinner MagSafe ring can mean slimmer overall iPhone design.

A slimmer MagSafe system would likely lead to a thinner overall design for the iPhone 16. This could make the phone more comfortable to hold and easier to carry in pockets or bags.

2. Slimmer iPhone can mean better cosmetics.

A thinner profile can contribute to a sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing design for the iPhone. The idea of a slimmer MagSafe ring potentially lead to new materials and camera bump designs, which is an interesting speculation.

3. Thinner aesthetics can mean stronger MagSafe connections.

Apple might incorporate stronger magnets to counteract the potential weakening of the magnetic connection due to a smaller size. This could result in a more secure attachment between the iPhone and MagSafe accessories, reducing the risk of accidental detachment.

4. Stronger magnets can mean more powerful MagSafe accessories.

Stronger magnets could open doors for the development of more powerful MagSafe accessories, such as a more secure MagSafe wallet that can hold more cards or a MagSafe battery pack that attaches more firmly for faster charging.

Let’s watch this video to see what more Apple has to offer in its iPhone 16 MagSafe redesign .

Potential Impact on MagSafe Accessory Manufacturers

While we can expect backward compatibility, manufacturers of MagSafe accessories might need to adjust their designs slightly to ensure optimal functionality with the rumored slimmer iPhone 16 MagSafe components. However, any required adjustments are likely to be minor.

MagSafe‌ thin phone case manufacturers like Thinborne may adopt this new system in their future iPhone 16 cases. Looking back on the work they’ve done on their “super thin” iPhone 15 cases, it's clear that they will be well prepared for any potential changes to the MagSafe system.

With Apple continuously pushing for innovation, MagSafe accessory manufacturers need to stay adaptive and flexible to provide users with the best possible experience.

Pro Tip: Aramid fiber is a popular choice for MagSafe accessories. This lightweight, heat-resistant material offers superior protection and is perfect for MagSafe-compatible phone cases.


The rumors of a slimmer iPhone 16 MagSafe redesign are intriguing. While we should wait for Apple's official announcements, this could lead to exciting improvements in the upcoming iPhone line.

As consumers eagerly await the release of the iPhone 16 and its rumored features, it is clear that changes are on the horizon for Apple and its tech industry partners. Only time will tell how these changes will ultimately impact the market and consumer experience. But one thing is for sure: with every new iteration of the iPhone, there will always be something exciting and game-changing to look forward to.


The leak suggests the iPhone 16 might have a slimmer MagSafe system (MagSafe ring and alignment magnet).

Existing MagSafe accessories likely still work due to backward compatibility.

Potential benefits include a thinner iPhone overall design, improved aesthetics, stronger MagSafe connections, and more powerful MagSafe accessories.

MagSafe accessory makers might need minor adjustments to achieve optimal functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my existing MagSafe accessories work with the iPhone 16?

Likely yes, due to backward compatibility.

When will Apple officially announce the iPhone 16?

Apple may launch the new iPhone in September 2024.

By how much will the MagSafe ring and magnet be slimmed down?

This remains unclear and rumors did not confirm this.

Will Apple offer new color options or finishes for the iPhone 16?

It is possible, but there are no specifics.

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