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Galaxy Z Fold 6 Qi2 Wireless Charging? Here’s What We Know

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Galaxy Z Fold 6 Qi2 Wireless Charging in the Works?

With the expansive unfolding display of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold model, there are questions raised about its latest advancements: Will the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 be compatible with the new Qi2 wireless charging?

This article dives into the likelihood of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Qi2 wireless charging, explores alternative charging options, and even discusses potential workarounds for compatibility.

🔑 Key Takeaways

The new generation Qi2 wireless charging charges certified phones up to 15 watts.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 will still have fast charging and Qi standard wireless charging.

Charging speeds may remain the same as the previous Z Fold models.

There are multiple alternatives to Galaxy Z Fold 6 charging.

Fiber cases that are MagSafe can help optimize wireless charging.

What is Qi2 Wireless Charging?

💬 Vocab Check: Qi2 is pronounced as ‘chee-two.’

Wireless charging became a more mainstream feature when Apple introduced support for Qi standard in the iPhone 8 and X in 2017, but it has existed for a while.

The technology had been bubbling in the Android ecosystem for quite some time as well. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony were among the first to integrate wireless charging into their flagship Android phones, predating Apple by a few years.

Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) first established the Qi standard in 2008, followed by Qi2, which aims to address minor issues for improved efficiency.

This next generation of wireless charging promises even greater advancements, including:

  • Significantly faster charging speeds

  • Better power efficiency

  • Enhanced safety features

  • Improved magnet alignment

  • More sustainable

The more notable difference is that Qi2 can charge certified phones at 15 watts, a significant upgrade from the original 5-watt Qi standard.

While its flexibility extends to Android smartphones, its functionality has been limited. Qi2's potential isn't fully realized for Android users yet. Unlike Apple's MagSafe system, which uses magnets to perfectly align the phone for efficient charging, Qi2 on Android will likely rely on physical contact. This can lead to misalignment and potentially slower charging rates. Smartphone accessories like MagSafe cases have helped optimize this wireless charging technology for Androids.

If Samsung does support this new standard on its new Galaxy Z Fold 6, this would make it one of the first foldable phones to do so.

Rumors and Leaks

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Currently, there are no concrete confirmations of whether the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Qi2 wireless charging will happen. The Korean tech giant has been known to be reserved about its upcoming releases, with rumors and leaks being a major source of information.

While there are a few speculations that the Qi2 wireless charging will be the “new standard” even for Z Fold 6, there are questions about whether the Qi2 magnets will "mess up" the S Pen.

That remains an ongoing conversation. 

Meanwhile, there’s a chance the Z Fold 6 will adopt the Qi2 wireless charging standard, but it might also stick with the current Qi standard, especially with the rumor that it may not get a charging speed upgrade4400mAh and charging power of 25 watts.

Here’s a scoop from Ice Universe:

The Qi2 compatibility remains up in the air, although there are rumors suggesting a slight improvement in battery life for the Z Fold 6. A new leak speculates a 200mAh bump over the Z Fold 5, with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 having 4600mAh total capacity. This could help offset the increased power demands of the larger display.

The same source says the rumored battery charging options for Galaxy Z Fold 6 will include the following:

  • Fast charging

  • Qi wireless charging

  • Reverse wireless charging

However, the charging speeds might not be the most exciting. Below are the expected charging speeds:

  • 25W wired charging (the same as previous Fold models)

  • 15W wireless charging

  • 4.5W reverse wireless charging

While these speeds aren't as groundbreaking as expected, they provide a glimpse of the Z Fold 6's possible charging alternatives.

What Are the Alternatives?

If Qi2 compatibility for the Z Fold 6 remains unconfirmed, there's no need to panic. The phone will likely still support regular Qi wireless charging, ensuring compatibility with your existing chargers. This provides a familiar and convenient way to power up your device.

Let’s elaborate on other charging options.

Regular Qi wireless charging: As mentioned, the Z Fold 6 will likely still support standard Qi charging. This ensures compatibility with most existing wireless chargers you might already have at home, in your car, or at the office.

Samsung's fast-wired charging technology: Samsung is known for its fast-wired charging capabilities, and the Z Fold 6 is likely to be no exception. This remains a reliable and efficient option for situations when you need to power up your phone quickly.

Wireless charging stands: Wireless charging stands can offer a convenient way to charge your phone while keeping it upright on your desk or nightstand. They come in a variety of styles and functionalities, some offering multiple charging coils for your phone and other Qi-compatible devices like earbuds.

Portable power banks: While not technically wireless charging, portable power banks offer a convenient way to top up your phone's battery on the go. They come in various capacities and can be a lifesaver when you're out and about, and your phone is running low on power.

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How to Make Your Z Fold 6 Qi2 Compatible?

While official details are scarce, if the Z Fold 6 does embrace Qi2, you might need specific accessories to take advantage of it. This could involve a special MagSafe Z Fold 6 case.

Third-party options are already available for those seeking a magnetic solution similar to Apple's MagSafe. Thinborne offers thin phone cases and potentially will have improved properties to make your Z Fold 6 MagSafe compatible. Thanks to the magnetic alignment, these cases offer a secure and convenient way to attach your phone to a wireless charger while potentially mitigating heating issues. They are also lightweight and “Ultra Thin” and are made of aerospace-grade aramid fiber.

Keep an eye on official announcements from Samsung for confirmation on this front.


Qi2 promises a brighter future for wireless charging, with faster speeds, better efficiency, and more. However, it’s safe to say there are insufficient grounds to suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have Qi2 wireless charging. Whether the Z Fold 6 will integrate this new standard remains to be seen. With a rumored launch date sometime in the latter half of 2024, we'll have to wait and see it for ourselves.

If you want to buy Galaxy Z Fold MagSafe cases, you can check out more on our Amazon store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What phones use Qi2?

As of June 2024, only Apple iPhones from the 12 series onwards (iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15) officially support Qi2 wireless charging. While the standard is finalized, there are no confirmed Android phones with Qi2 certification yet. There are rumors that Google's Pixel 9 might be the first.

Is Samsung Z Fold 6 Qi enabled?

Official confirmation is still pending. The Samsung Z Fold 6 will likely still support regular Qi wireless charging. This means it will work with most existing wireless chargers, offering a familiar way to power up your device.

What is Qi2 charger support?

Qi2 is the latest version of the Qi wireless charging standard. It builds upon the existing Qi technology by adding several improvements, including magnetic alignment, charging speed, universal compatibility, and more.

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