a hand holding a galaxy z fold 6 case, and wondering if a galaxy z fold 5 case can fit a z fold 6

Will the Galaxy Z Fold 5 Case Fit the Galaxy Z Fold 6?

Can we use the Galaxy Z Fold 5 case as a Z Fold 6 case?

The direct answer is: No, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 case does not fit Galaxy Z Fold 6, and you can not use a Z Fold 5 case as a Z Fold 6 case.

Image from https://twitter.com/OnLeaks

From the leaks (credit to https://twitter.com/OnLeaks) online, we can tell that the Samsung Z Fold 6 will have a boxy rectangular corner design, like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

And another famous leaker, @univerceice, showed a demonstration comparison between Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Fold 6 

Due to changing design, the Z Fold 5 case will not fit a Galaxy Z Fold 6. 

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Galaxy Z Fold 6 has a boxy design just like Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Fold 6 is a little bit wider than Z Fold 5

You can not use a Galaxy Z Fold 5 Case as a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Case

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